About DSG

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    Ann Marie Garvin and The Dancers' Synectics Group have been offering opportunities for dancers in San Francisco beginning with the birth of her son James. Many, many, MANY dancers have entered these portals on their way to making a mark in the world of dance. Ms. Garvin’s legacy is her students. They have gone on to teach, to perform, choreograph and direct in theatres and for companies all around the world.

    There is a time for everything. In 2005, it was time to pass the torch, and the Dancers' Synectics Group is now known as DSG studios, with instructors here forming a United Nations unto themsleves. Classes are being taught in styles and disciplines unknown to most Americans in the 60’s and 70’s.

    The instructors are enthusiastic and dedicated, and we are very proud of them all. Why? Because dance  is a very tough business. The pay is atrocious, the injuries a constant threat, the opportunities minimal. In other words, you have to LOVE what you’re doing.

    We try to provide studio space with the equipment and the atmosphere necessary for all who enter to be both creative and productive. In a production narrated by Chita Rivera, she talked about dancing for blind people. The audience couldn’t see her feet but they could feel the vibration. She talked about all those classes, teachers telling you “That’s awful!” - and the pain, the frustration - trying to get it right, but then, when sometimes it all comes together... IT'S THE CLOSEST THING TO FLYING..."


Like us on Facebook for announcements of classes and events!