Cory Gray

Cory Gray currently holds her MFA in dance and choreography from Mills College and an individualized BA in dance and psychology from UMass Boston. She is an avid social dancer focused on incorporating her hip hop dance roots into her love of salsa which has led her to become greatly intrigued by fusion and its process. She has taught at UMaine Orono, Umass Boston, MIT, and Mills College and has performed with several hip hop, modern and salsa companies. Though not a dance competitor by nature, Cory has won social dance competitions in the U.S., Australia and Cuba.
Cory's philosophy stems from one of respect for the social dancing roots and traditions along with pushing boundaries in their current form to keep them evolving. She is passionate about using dance for social change by breaking down cultural barriers and uniting dancers from different backgrounds. She does this by creating opportunities for artists to expand their understanding of dance through education, travel and cross cultural connections.
With an innovative mind and an excitable nature, she hopes to continue to educate others through her passion while still learning and exploring dance for herself. Cory can be found social dancing, teaching and performing all over the world while continuing to learn and train from other experts.

(413) 329-0403