Damien “el Solito” Álvarez

Damien "el Solito" Álvarez
(415) 827 – 1469

Damien began dancing Flamenco at the tender age of 7 inspired by Carlos Saura’s film, “Carmen”. Damien started his training with La Monica at the Mission Cultural Center. Afterwards he moved on to study with San Francisco Flamenco legend Rosa Montoya under whose tutelage he stayed for many years. He performed in Montoya’s annual student productions from 1992 through her final show in 2003. In the spring semester of the same year he taught as her flamenco  assistant at San Francisco State University.

Damien has lived in Spain and studied extensively at the renowned dance academy, Por El Amor de Dios. He has covered the range of Flamenco with classical dancers such as Paco Romero and modern flamenco artist, Manuel Reyes. After returning to the Bay Area in 2005 Damien danced with Virginia Iglesias’ flamenco dance company, Alma Flamenca and was part of her 2006 production, “Reflejos” as well as her production in 2007.  He was also invited to be a part of the 40th anniversary showing of Teatro Flamenco’s production of “Misa Flamenca” dancing with artistic director, Miguel Santos and Carola Zertuche. Currently, Damien is part of the dynamic Caminos Flamencos company directed by artistic director, Yaelisa.

(415) 827-1469